Frequently Asked Questions


Question: If I have gone bankrupt in the past, can I still apply?

Absolutely! You need a fresh start and we are capable of providing just that! Discharged or not discharged, you have the opportunity to engage a path back to good credit status.

Question: How long does it take to repair my credit rating?

Conservatively speaking, you can expect improvement within months but it will take one to two years to materially correct most problems. Too often promises of full recovery in 12 months are made but that is not realistic for the majority of people. Remember the old saying; allow me to paraphrase -“if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

Question: If I have a good credit rating should I still apply?

Definitely yes! We have access to fixed and variable rates from different sources that differ in terms, amount to finance and model year. We can analyze and select the best rates tailored to your buying situation. Shop us! We want to earn your business by saving you money.

Question: What are the advantages of dealing with your company?

There are two huge differences that make Approval Genie unique:

  1. Over 40 years of relationship building and experience with large financial institutions, our strong relationship with accredited banks allows us to get you approved where another business may not.
  2. We care!! Our mantra for our clients trying to recover from credit hell is “”buy what you need, not what your want””. We are here to correct your credit situation not create another one.

Question: How do I know that my information is safe?

We are a fully licensed credit approval company in Ontario & Quebec, Canada. We have a strong history of banking which requires a strict RCMP background check. We pledge to uphold the highest standard of safety and privacy of your information. Our business depends on it!