What is bad credit?

Bad credit is an individual’s credit history qualification which shows that a borrower carries a higher credit risk. Failure to keep up with your credit agreement causes the score to go down and it gets harder for you to get approved for new credit since lenders are afraid to lend you because you might not be able to follow through the credit agreement. There are also other factors that affect your credit score such as the amount borrowed, remaining available credit amount and if you have defaulted on a loan.

How to improve bad credit?

  • Timely bill payment. Not all the utility bills are recorded in your credit report, but some phone companies may report to the credit-reporting agencies if you have late payments.
  • Watch out for the due date of your bills so you can pay at least the required minimum amount.
  • Try to pay your debts as quickly as possible.
  • If you have a credit card, try to stay below the credit limit.
  • Checking your own credit report won’t change the credit score but if many potential lenders inquire about your credit score within a short time period, it may result in a negative effect on your credit score.

How we can help fix your credit

 Your overall credit is a combination of several different sections. For instance, credit cards represent one type of credit usage, car loans make up another portion of the credit score. We at Approval Genie work with many lenders to approve your application where other lenders would deny it or find it too risky. Once you get a car loan, it shows up as a new mix of credit and help you improve overall credit report. If you make timely payment on your car loan, it will help boost your credit score and also show positive repayment history. A car loan is a step in the process for proving your credit worthiness and also your ability to payback debt.

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Who is Approval Genie?

We are people helping people in everyday situations.  Approval Genie wants to help you get back on your feet and start feeling free again.  You would not believe how many people from various backgrounds and social statuses have come to us for assistance.

Having “bad credit” is not the end of the world if you seek help and make an effort to fix the problem…that is where we come in.  Please watch this video so you understand who we are and it will answer what we stand for!  Bad credit, no credit, new to Canada, single family homes, recently divorced?  We can help!

Pray for Nepal Earthquake 2015

On April 25th, the Approval Genie family along with millions around the world were shook by the news of the massive earthquake in Nepal. For many in our staff, this event strikes very close to our hearts. Many people on our team, including myself, have immediate and extended families that live in Nepal and were directly affected by the disaster. There has been a lot of infrastructural damage and as of this writing there has been over 5100 dead and over 9200 injured. Eight million people are affected across Nepal and around 1 million children are in need of urgent help. I urge all Canadians to spread the word and help support in whatever way you can.

Corporate social responsibility is at the very foundation and fabric of the Approval Genie’s vision. We cannot ignore the suffering and despair faced by the Nepalese people in this moment of great need.

The Approval Genie has started a fund to help those in need and affected by the Nepal Earthquake. We have matched dollar for dollar for any staff donations and have managed to raise over $6000. We ask for your support by donating directly to the same humanitarian charities we’ve donated to, where the government of Canada will match dollar for dollar as well. Like many others, we want our collective efforts to reach directly to the people in need.


The Pictures below shows the disaster that has happened in there.

Please Pray for relief of Nepal Earthquake 2015!


Ashish Bhattarai

President and founder

Approval Genie

Get out of your old car and bring home a new vehicle!

Check Your Car Loan Contract

For various reasons, it is common for people to want to “get out” of their current car loan obligation. Regardless of whether you are leasing or financing your current car, you still have rights and options to exit your contract.

The first step is to review the terms listed on your current contract. Often, there is an exit clause in the fine print that will allow you to return the car with a penalty. It is important to weigh this payment versus what you will actually receive if you sell the car.

Negotiate With The Lender

Communicating with your current lender can help lower your interest rate, refinance your loan, or simply extend your payments over a longer term. By communicating your financial situation to the lender, you often will be able to come out with a positive result. Remember, the lender wants to get paid at least some money on the used car loan or lease, and if you file for bankrupt they often will not recoup this money. It is in their best interest to work with you to come up with a solution given your circumstances.

Put A Value To Your Car

What is your car currently worth? Sites like will help you come up with a current value for your used car. When you have assed the value of your vehicle, remember that it is a guide and that the actual value or offer on the car may be a lower.

Sell Your Car

A common myth is that if you are leasing your car, you are unable to sell it refer to your leasing contract. In almost all cases, a lease has a buyout option allowing you to simply purchase the car and sell it. The best way to do this is to list your car for a slightly higher value you need to pay off your loan. Make sure that you don’t forget to add HST into your purchase cost! For example, if your car buyout is $10,000, the actual buyout price to you is $11,300 (based on a 13% tax rate). You should list your car around $11,900 so that you will have at least a little room to negotiate.

Bring Your Car To Approval Genie

Often, we have clients that would like to get out of their current car loan or lease. We have options to put you into the car you want, while offering great customer service and rates. Based on our relationship with banks and lenders, we regularly get our customers out of the car they don’t want and help them bring home a new vehicle of their dreams. Remember, we are always here to assist you.

Approved Auto Loan With A Company You Can Trust!

Do you have bad credit? Perhaps you’re just starting out and have no credit at all or you are new to Canada. Wish you could find an auto loan company that would help you?  If you found yourself nodding in agreement, we can help you get an approved car loan today! Approval Genie approves auto loans regardless of your credit history and helps improve your credit rating by securing you a vehicle loan.

Many individuals experience some frustration while purchasing a car, which can be a daunting task.  We all need a means of transportation to get around, whether it be for work, school, or recreational usage.  Unfortunately, securing that auto loan for many Canadians is often more challenging than it should be.  We never turn anyone away and strive to ensure that you receive the lowest rates possible in a quick and efficient manner.  Everybody deserves a chance at a fresh start, and bad credit should not mean bad service! We give you five star treatment regardless of your past.

Approval Genie is not an internet company selling your information to other businesses, we have three physical locations that are always stocked with vehicles for you to test drive. Simply visit one of our locations or apply online  to have us start working for you!

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Bad Credit and Good Car?

Is it possible to have bad credit and good car? Just because you have “bad credit“, it does not mean you have to drive a bad car!  We have all been through some rough times but we do not wear t shirts that tell everyone what we have been through…well most of us.


Let us help you get the car that you deserve! If we cannot get you approved then we will give you $100 just for applying! For our valued customers, if you refer someone to Approval Genie and they are approved we will give you $500 dollars!

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No Credit, Used Car Financing!

Congratulations to all students! It is the time of year when many of you will be preparing for your first year of College, University or vocational school. Throughout your journey you will need a vehicle that you can afford and rely on as you prepare for your future. The last thing you need to worry about is an unreliable vehicle that will end up costing you more in repairs than it would have been to get a certified car from Approval Genie!

If you do not have any credit or are one of the many people that have been sucked into the credit card vortex and damaged your credit rating, we can help you! Approval Genie will get you approved for an auto-mobile loan and guide you through the process of maintaining good credit.

When you do not have credit or have a blemished record it is essential to show consistent payments, what better way to do that than with a car loan while having a great vehicle to show for it? Approval Genie is known for establishing and rebuilding credit with used car financing which increases your credit rating over a period of time. We take pride in being one of the leading companies in Ontario providing this service.

Come on in and take a look at our inventory today! We have 4 locations to server you across GTA, Ottawa and southern Quebec with over 1000 vehicles in inventory.

Apply now and we will assist you with your future as you begin your journey. People do not realize that having bad credit will affect future purchases i.e. real estate, business loans, line of credit, credit cards etc. So let’s get started today! You will be happy that you did!

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