Pray for Nepal Earthquake 2015

On April 25th, the Approval Genie family along with millions around the world were shook by the news of the massive earthquake in Nepal. For many in our staff, this event strikes very close to our hearts. Many people on our team, including myself, have immediate and extended families that live in Nepal and were directly affected by the disaster. There has been a lot of infrastructural damage and as of this writing there has been over 5100 dead and over 9200 injured. Eight million people are affected across Nepal and around 1 million children are in need of urgent help. I urge all Canadians to spread the word and help support in whatever way you can.

Corporate social responsibility is at the very foundation and fabric of the Approval Genie’s vision. We cannot ignore the suffering and despair faced by the Nepalese people in this moment of great need.

The Approval Genie has started a fund to help those in need and affected by the Nepal Earthquake. We have matched dollar for dollar for any staff donations and have managed to raise over $6000. We ask for your support by donating directly to the same humanitarian charities we’ve donated to, where the government of Canada will match dollar for dollar as well. Like many others, we want our collective efforts to reach directly to the people in need.


The Pictures below shows the disaster that has happened in there.

Please Pray for relief of Nepal Earthquake 2015!


Ashish Bhattarai

President and founder

Approval Genie